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Customized China manufacturer 99.994% pure 3mm thickness lead sheet/plate

Lead sheet

Available Size:

can be customized by customers


Lead Sheet Lead plate


30% T/T deposit,70% T/T or 70% L/C at sight balance

Product Details

Product Name
Lead sheet / Lead plate
GB: Pb1, Pb2, Pb3, Pbsbo.5, PbSb2, PbSb4, PbSb6, PbSb8, PbSb3.5,PbSn4.5-2.5, PbSn2-2, PbSn6.5
ASTM: UNSL 50006, UNSL50021, UNSL50049, UNSL51121, UNSL53585, UNSL53565, UNSL53346, UNSL53620, YT155A, Y10A
ГоСT: CO, C1, C2, C3, ETC
Delivery time
Prompt delivery or according to order's quantity.
Export standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport, or be required.
Anti Radiation ,X-Ray Shielding.
X-Ray Room,DR Room,CT Room,
Use of a safety beam to ensure safe access of persons.
Export to
Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, Korea, USA, UK, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Viet Nam, India, Peru, Ukraine ,Brazil, South Africa,etc.


Product Parameter

Lead sheet is a radiation protection material. It is made of raw material with high level of lead content (99.99%).It has stable protective performance and is a necessary protective material of x-ray machine. 

The product is used in the areas of x-ray protection, nuclear industry,industry x-ray detection,anti-corrosion, anti-acid,electrolysis, etc.

Measure lead shield: 1.0mmPb, 1.5mmPb, 2.0mmPb, 2.5mmPb, 3.0mmPb, etc. The customers can choose the lead sheet of different specifications according to their own needs.
Lead sheet, the purity is above 99.994%. And the size is thickness 0.5mm-10mm.width 0.1m-1.5m, length 1m-9m.

Measurement: Lead sheet in roll, width 1.5m maximum, length from 0.5-30m customizable
It has stable protective performance and is a necessary protective material of x-ray machine.
We supply lead sheet with different specifications and custom-made sizes.
Usage of X-ray Medical Lead Sheet
The product is used in the areas of x-ray protection, nuclear industry, industry x-ray detection,

anti-corrosion, anti-acid, electrolysis, etc.

We supplier x-ray accessories, we are powerful manufacturer audited by world top inspection company.We offered the best price based on best quality,andwe own the most modern equipment and production line.and our sale lines also including :lead glass doors,lead glass windows,lead glass pipes,lead wires,and barium sulfates ,etc.The radiation protection lead glass sheet is one of high-teach ionizing radiation protection products. The Pb equivalent of the lead glass sheets are including1Pb,2Pb,3Pb,4Pb,5Pb,6Pb,8Pb and so on.and the sizes of the lead glass sheets are according to the customers requires.




The unique properties of lead sheet make it ideal for many disparate uses. Common industrial applications for lead sheet include:

  • Radiation shielding (medical and otherwise)

  • Anti-corrosive linings

  • Specialized waterproofing applications

  • Ballast

  • and more uses


Packaging & Shipping

Common Package:

Waterproof Kraft Paper + Wooden Pallet (each 3 tons) + Bundle with steel strip.

Or Package can also according to your requirements.

The time of delivery:

Within 7-10 days after receipt of advance payment

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